Rapmullet Archive


Ok, so back in 2003 I registered and built a website called Rapmullet.com. Co-owned it with my partner in crime Dimez until around 2010 or so when we were focused more on helping run Mixtapekings and then eventually stopped updating the site and let the domain lapse. It was a website where we reviewed mixtapes, had a poppin’ message board for the time and did various other things.  We had the Pushin’ Tapes section with Tapemasta where we posted old mixtapes on cassette for download and Tape did a review. We had a section called The Come Up where we featured unknown MCs. We also did interviews and editorials. One of our most famous sections was called Murder of the Month where we “murdered” a mixtape or mixtape DJ or really just anything in a written monthly column. This page here contains links below to the Rapmullet.com archives featuring old mixtape reviews, pushin’ tape write ups, murder of the months and everything else I was able to save. We literally did close to 2000 reviews over 7-8 years the website was being actively updated and I didn’t save them all but if you had a Rapmullet review and you don’t see it here but saved it in a screen shot or whatever and want it posted in the archive just hit up the contact page and I’ll take care of it. Thanks to everyone who every read our reviews, posted on the message board, submitted a tape for review or just spread the word about Rapmullet.com, it was appreciated.