Below are links to interviews with various mixtape DJs in print, web and podcast form.

DJ Geo Roc Heavy In The Streets
10 Classic DJ Clue Tapes From 1995
A.B.T DJ Chubby Chub Interview
A.B.T DJ Clue Interview
A.B.T DJ Craig G Interview
A.B.T DJ Doo Wop Interview
A.B.T DJ Iroc Interview
A.B.T DJ Ron G Interview
A.B.T DJ S&S Interview
A.B.T G-Bo The Pro Interview
A.B.T Green Lantern Interview
DJ Craig G Mixtape Memories
DJ Doo Wop Mixtape Memories
DJ Green Lantern Pt. 1 Mixtape Memories
DJ Green Lantern Pt. 2 Mixtape Memories
DJ Ron G Mixtape Memories
DJ S&S Mixtape Memories
DJ Tony Touch Mixape Memories
DJ Whoo Kid Pt. 1 Mixtape Memories
DJ Whoo Kid Pt. 2 Mixtape Memories
F.A.M DJ G-Bo The Pro Interview
F.A.M DJ Iroc Interview
F.A.M DJ Kool Kid Interview
F.A.M DJ Red Handed Interview
F.A.M DJ S&S Interview
F.A.M DJ Self Interview
F.A.M DJ Uneek Interview
F.A.M Tapemasta Interview
Unkut Doo Wop Interview